General questions

How can I extend my proxy?

Usually in a few days before expiring date we notify our clients by contacts that we know. But if for some reason you missed our notification - you can contact our online-operator, you should tell him such data as : your contact (usually e-mail), your login and password and list of your proxies

How long does it take to receive my order?

Receiving your order may take up to 12 hours after finishing of payment, but usually it`s 1-2 hours period.

What is the difference between you and other proxy-services?

We provide only private proxies.

They aren`t shared, so when you buying them you can be sure, that only you will use them.

Also one of our service advantages are guarantees - when you buy IP`s for some objective - we guarantee workability for that purpose.

I need proxy from different subnets, is this possible?

Yes, we have more than 100 different nets with wide choice of subnets in stock. Especially wide range is in Russia and Ukraine.

What should I do, if my proxy not working?

If after receiving proxy you found out that one or more IP`s not working for your objective - in 24 hours period after receiving (watch Conditions) - we will make replacement on working IP`s. If you faced troubles after that period (except situation, when you are unable to connect to proxy) - IP will not be replaced.

Have somebody used those proxy before me?

Unfortunately such guarantees couldn`t be provided neither by us or hosting. This is due to the fact, that neither one of us do not record such kind of statistic. We guarantee only that if you will buy IP for certain objective - it will work for that purpose.

What is the difference between piecemeal proxy and bundles?

It`s simple. Bundles are for large-scale customers. More you buy and for longer lease - cheaper price for 1 IP.



If I paid for week/month proxy will stay "alive" whole period or can`t guarantee that?

We guarantee proxy workability during whole paid period except for cases if you will get banned because of your incorrect activity. When your proxy will expire you can extend them for desired term. Also we would like to turn your attention, that for extending for 3, 6, 12 months you are getting additional discounts.

Bundles are personal too?

All proxy on our site : piecemeal/bundle - are personal. The only difference is price. Bundles have discounts up to 15% depending on size of bundle and term.

Can your proxy handle heavy loading?

Yes, but we strongly recommending to not use more than 6 connections on 1 IP.

Our proxy have channel 100 Mb/s, real speed is usually 20-30 Mb/s (those numbers can change, depending on your actual provider)

You can check speed here https://www.whatismyip.com/internet-speed-test/

Can I buy proxy for mailing systems, e-mail-spamming, brute?

No, this is impossible and prohibited by our Conditions, We will immediately stop providing our services to anyone who will violate our Conditions without warning and refund.

Technical questions

How can I setup proxy?

We recommend our clients to use easy simple and easy software "Proxifier", you can find manual here. Those application is really easy in setting and allow you to create multiple rules depending on how much proxies and for which objectives you are using. 

But even if you need to use your proxies in browser you can find settings here

Configuring proxy in Opera

Configuring proxy in Mozilla Firefox

Configuring proxy in Google Chrome

Configuring proxy in Yandex Browser

I bought proxy, but my software says it`s not working, what should I do?

In first place - when you are using private software for any purpose you should read manual about using proxy from developer. Very often each software have different format of adding IP`s. Also, when you finished setting in your software you should check accordance of choosen protocol with our port.

As we learn by expirience, users make mistakes mostly in those two options. Even if you still have issues after checking those clauses - you can contact our support to receive help with correct settings.


How much proxies requiered to work with social medias?

We recommend to use 1 proxy for 1 account, if you are up to long-term work with accounts and proxies. But, if this would be neccessary 3 accounts per proxy is allowed. Pay attention, that accounts can be blocked, if you will violate some inner rules or limits of site you are working with.

Which proxy should I choose for social media?

Best option would be to choose coutnry where your accounts were registered. For example, instagram have such type of identification as phone number. If you registered your account for example in Ukraine, and then enter it with Russian proxy - it would ask you to confirm your options with phone confirmation.

We recommend our customers to register new accounts from proxies, which you bought.