Proxy is forbidden to use for:


  • All kinds of spam : e-mail (mailings), social media etc. ;
  • fishing, brute, carding, any kind of crackings and all similar activities;
  • uploading and spreading of pornographic content;
  • for torrent downloads;
  • for payment systems and online-banking;
  • for spreading virus software.

Proxy will be disconnected without refund for violating those terms.

We strongly recommend :

  • Check workability of proxy during 24-hours period after delivery;
  • Contact our support in time for any issues with work of proxy;
  • Do not use third-party proxy-checkers;
  • Do not use free/public proxy-checkers.


Unfamiliarity with conditions doesn`t remove responsibility. We leave right to not make refund for violating any rule in our terms.


Respectfully, proxy-sale!